Provide easily accessible, high quality, products and services for the everyday needs of inhabitants in the district of Riga. 
To be the leading chain of trading centres in the district of Riga, providing a full complement of consumer products and services. 
History and development
A.F.P. of North America Inc. was founded in 1997 and operates in the field of owning, operating, developing, management and divesting of real estate. 
Since inception, the Company has developed large park of commercial and private real estate (including obtaining zoning for significant plots of land), and became one of the Latvian market leaders in the real estate development and management.
The main activity of the Company is management of trading centers, also referred to shopping centers or strip centers. The majority of the trading centres operated by A.F.P. are situated in the district of Riga. A.F.P.’s trading center concept is to provide shoppers a one-stop location for all their daily needs. Typical tenants in a trading centers include: family shops "2.stāvs", banks, pharmacies, cafes, service companies (shoe repair, tailoring and etc.), as well as fashion boutiques, perfume shops, jewellery stores and others.

The Company has future development plans of some of its existing plots of land. The developments will include housing, and commercial development. A.F.P. also undertaking joint development projects with other real estate and land developers.

The company's growth dynamics of 1997-2010 years (turnover in lats)


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